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Safari Niagara

Our Vision

Our Vision

Safari Niagara's vision is to provide people of all ages and abilities the opportunity to meet animals and birds up close...

A visit to Safari Niagara may spark a flame for future conservationists and naturalists. Providing the platform for a one-to-one connection with nature can inspire any individual, especially a child. In a world where children experience fewer exchanges with nature, Safari Niagara provides an unprecedented opportunity for kids of all ages and abilities to view, interact with and learn about the different species that share our planet, all while engaging in a fun and rewarding outdoor adventure!

The Tykolis family began operating its first business in 1967. Over the years, innovative thinking and careful investment developed into an entirely new and industry distinct business, Safari Niagara. In memory of their late father’s love for animals and after more than 10 years of planning and development, a once flat, clay tract of land in rural Stevensville has been carefully converted to green space complete with hills, trees and lakes. Since opening, Safari Niagara has become known in Niagara as one of the area’s best and safest places for families, students and corporate groups to experience nature together.

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